Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Florida

Are you looking for the cheapest car insurance companies in Florida?

If you live in Florida and are looking for an affordable car insurance policy, check out this post. It’s one of the well-researched posts to find the best and cheap car insurance providers in Florida.

There are so many car insurance providers in the United States, but if you are living in Florida, then these auto insurance providers are active and trustworthy.

.Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching and comparing insurance companies so that we can bring you the most affordable options. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

Why You Need Car Insurance Policies?

Mostly, people think about car insurance, when they meet an accident and see a huge bill for damage repair or even medical expenses. It is wise to take car insurance from the day you buy a car. It has a lot of advantages and saves a huge amount of hard-earned money.

You never know when a car accident will happen. Car insurance can help protect you from the devastating effects of these surprises, so take care when driving and always have protection!

If an accident happens and it is covered by your policy, then there will be help for medical expenses, repairs to the vehicle itself, or other costs that arise because of this unfortunate event.

Car insurance protects against expensive surprises like when we’re hit with unexpected bills after getting into an accident where our own negligence caused damages, but even if no such thing takes place – just having car coverage pays off every day.

Now, if you are convinced and planning to buy car insurance, you must know about the types of coverage that come under a policy.

Types Of Coverages Under Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance provides various types of coverage, and each coverage covers the cost for specific cases. All insurance companies listed later includes all type of coverages. Hence, you can choose any, according to your needs.

Collision coverage covers the cost due to damage to your car that results when you hit another car or an object.

Liability coverage covers the expenses arising due to injuries to other people or damage to their property. This coverage also covers car accidents if it was your fault.

Medical payments coverage covers the cost of any medical attention is required to you in case of an accident. This coverage can also be used if your fellow passengers are hurt during an unfortunate event.

Property damage coverage covers the cost due to property damage caused in a car accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverages are helpful to pay the cost if the driver does not have auto insurance. You can pay for your injuries or damages that are caused by an uninsured driver.

Roadside Coverage Covers the cost of common roadside services like tire changes and jump-starts.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Florida

Whether you need full coverage or just liability, insurance agents will work with you, understand your budget and provide the option which is best for you. You can even compare quotes from all these providers and choose the best possible policy at a lower price.

Great Florida Insurance

Great Florida Insurance Company Florida

When it comes to the Insurance providers in Florida, the first recommendation is GreatFlorida. It is not an individual company but run by a group of insurance franchises. Some of the renowned companies are Progressive, Mercury Insurance, Kemper, and Dairyland.

It is easy to find GreatFlorida near you because it is available in around 127 locations throughout Florida. If you are buying car insurance from them, you will get all kinds of coverage including Collision, Liability, Medical, Comprehensive and Uninsured.

You can call them at 888.478.7801 or visit their website to get a quote.

Allstate Car Insurance Company In Florida

Allstate Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Florida

Allstate is a corporation that provides cheap and best car insurance at an affordable price. It is not only active in Florida but also offering services in many locations of the United States. They have been in business since 1967, so they definitely have the experience to provide their customers with the best car insurance.

Allstate offers an extra discount if your car is new and you are the first owner. Additionally, if the car belongs to teenagers, they offer some additional discounts. Their car insurance coverage includes Collision, Liability, Personal Injury, Comprehensive, Uninsured, and Roadside.

Geico Car Insurance Provider

GEICO Auto Insurance company

Geico Car Insurance Provider is one of the best insurance companies in the USA and actively providing services in Florida. Initially, they were offering services only to government employees and military personal. However, soon they started offering insurance common man as well. Based on their background which has links to government authorities, their services are very reliable and trustworthy.

GEICO’s an auto insurance company that is running for more than 85 years. They offer cheap car insurance rates and provide policies with exceptional coverage to match your requirements. On top of their cheap rates, they offer an exclusive discount, if your car has certain types of equipment.

For example, if your car has airbags and anti-theft devices, you are eligible for a 23% of discount. Just visit their site and request a quote to understand more about their offers and discounts.

Florida Elite Insurance Group

EIG Insurance Agency Of Florida

Florida Elite Insurance group as its name suggests is a group of insurance agencies that works with customers and provides car insurance according to their needs. It has more than 50 years of experience in the insurance field. They provide insurance for both commercial and personal cars in the entire state of Florida.

Usually, they will get you the best and cheap insurance policy from a reputed company. However, if you have any specific company in mind, they can negotiate on your behalf as well to get a better deal. You can contact their agent virtually or in-person to discuss your requirement.

National Generals Car Insurance Company

Nationals General Insurance is specialized in providing auto insurance in Florida for more than 80 years. Name any coverage and you will get it and of course with additional discounts. Their car insurance policies include Collision, Liability, Personal Injury, Comprehensive, Uninsured, and Roadside coverages along with Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

There are several ways to get a discount from NationalGenrals insurance. For example, if you pay your premium upfront, you will get a reasonable amount discount. Additionally, having multiple policies and adding multiple vehicles can get you more discounts.

If you want to know more about their discounts, you can always call them at 1-800-462-2123 or visit their websites and request a quote.


Getting a car insurance policy from a trustworthy company not only protects you and your cars but also gives you peace of mind. Hence, always do research before buying it. We all know auto insurance rates in Florida are high and finding a cheap one is tough. Hence, we have listed the cheapest car insurance companies in Florida for you.

We have already done the research for you and gave you the list that not only offers a wide variety of coverage but also gives you discounts.

Don,t think much and get car insurance today and secure your all trips.

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How much for car insurance in Florida?

On average the car insurance costs around $2000 per year. However, you can reduce this by selecting insurance companies that provide discounts.

Is car insurance mandatory in Florida?

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Florida. In fact, it is a law to have car insurance and while driving you must carry proof of insurance.

What car insurance is required in Florida?

Car insurance has different types of coverages but it is better to choose a policy that includes Collision, Liability, Personal Injury, Comprehensive, Uninsured, and Roadside coverage.

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